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Was given the name
Syafikah Edora.
Or u can call me Dora 'D' Monique.
I love fashion.
I'm a Hong Kah Lite peeps.
I'm 15 this year.
Attached to my one and onlyMuhd Shafee.
Egg crack on 17 Feb 1995.
Fashion Designer and Modelling is my passion.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy 4th Month Anniversary to me and you bby!!

Remember that I will always love you my dear,and i will nvr ever leave you for sure.
I hope that our relationship will last forever bby!!

Love you sooo much muscular guy!!
muacks muaxks
9:17 PM
Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I miss hanging out with my kecohrable yet irritating Cousins,<333 Nowadays,they have change and they are busy doing their own stuffs. I miss those times when we were little kiddos,we play together,fight together,play catching together,gosh i really miss those times.!.I wish i could rewind back those times,but sadly i can't=(.But nvm although we are not closed like we used to be,but still our heart remains together as one big family,heheh *mcm paham ehk edora*.I miss you guys!

Lastly,I love this muscular guy soo much!!

3:46 AM
Saturday, May 15, 2010

Will be away for camp....x0x0
11:58 PM
Thursday, April 22, 2010

Firstly,I love Muhd Shafee from my bottom of my heart.<333
Soo yeahh like he say at his blog,Love towards you is like a circle
and it has no ends.=).I will never ever leave you bby!.
Love you soo much!!

Okay,basically im leaving my blog dusty as this few weeks been busy preparing for my upcoming examinations and others important stuffs.School was okay as usual,but need to catch up more on my weaker subjects.b,make sure teach me on that maths topic okay?haha.so just now after school meet up with bf as i was not having any cca just now.i had a great time with bf just now as usual.Now,im started to miss him already:(but nvm tmr get to see him again.yeahh!
Suddenly i craving for the pancake at MAC and the ben and jerry ice cream.!
B,remember to treat me Ben and Jerry ice cream okay.hehe that's your promise.

and lastly I miss Shopping!!.I've got lot things to buy.
  • Desigual bag and jeans
  • new phone cover(red colour)
  • i wanna change phone to N97
  • river island sandal
  • jeans from pull and bear
  • high heels from Aldo
  • bohemian bag from zara
  • bangles from diva
  • and lastly
  • G-shock watch.
Okay that's all i wanna post today,goodnight earthlings.=)xoxo

6:14 AM
Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hey lovelies,its been long time since i updated my blog,been busy with sch and others stuff,exam are in 2 weeks time,and i've not even prepared for it.I must work really hard to get good grades and get 1 position again like last year,hope soo..=)
and lastly....

Muhd Shafee bin Muhd Salleh
I love you soo much lah ass!
Sorry yesterday,i've make you mad,
i should understand that you are tired and
lazy to go out..but please don't ever be ego and
break promises aite love.But no matter
what i still love you and i miss you
I will try my best to go out with you on Sunday aite,
if i'm free lah okay dear?=)

And lastly i hate

1:37 AM
Sunday, March 28, 2010

I don't care if others don't like me....
The point is do i like them??


i love you more daily.i wish you could see
yourself the way i see you and i wish you could
love yourself the way i love you.and above all,
i wish your life is everything you deserve because,
in my opinion,you deserve the world.i will
stand by you forever,my heart will always
belong to you b.

2:58 AM
Sunday, March 21, 2010

Heya lovelies,ouh yahh before forgotten,I've delete my tag board.I'm soo lazy to entertain those lame spammers.They are just jealous of me and Shafee.!!!.haha get a life aite spammers.
I don't even care about those spammers,because i know the loved ones will always support me from behind and side me from them.=).You guys wanna say bad things about me or my bf,it's none of my business bcause i know,that i didn't do anything wrong to you guys,okay...you guys wanna say that my bf had an indian mix or anything,u guys can say it,wad eva okay.but no matter what right,I still love Muhd Shafee bin Muhd Salleh=)xoxo.
3:33 AM